Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Ok so everyone is talking today about where they were 12 years ago. Oddly especially for a military family I was only a few hundred yards from where I am right now. We had just moved into our house on Salmon Drive a few weeks earlier. Our first home together as a family. I was hundreds of miles away from my family learning to adjust to a new strange world we call the Air Force. Brett woke me up frantically in the morning with a simple 45 second phone call. 

B: School is Cancelled
ME: huh (half awake)
B: RJ has no school. Get up. Turn on the TV.
ME: What channel, what are you talking about.
B: Doesn't matter, I love you, I may not be home for awhile. Don't leave the house.
ME: huh
B: Love you I will call you later if I can.

Ok so that was it. I was left to decipher his call later. When I was more awake. So I got up went in the living room and turned on what looked like a movie. Except it was on EVERY channel. That is when my mom called. Two days before Colt's first birthday, lots of chaos happening, we had no idea how this was going to affect our world. We only knew it would never be the same. It was very comforting when Brett finally made it home from work, we were able to run to get dinner and get back home where we felt we were on lock down from the rest of the world. 

I still remember the feeling of community that our country had. I say had, because these days it is very much gone. Americans don't seem to exist like they did that day. Now we all have a different label, democrats, republicans, Christians, Catholics, White, Asian, Rich, Poor....Why can't we all go back to being Americans. Back to a day and time when people were kind to each other and opened their arms, hearts, and homes for fellow Americans.

We, in this house, will never forget the sacrifices made by the families that day and every day since, of those whom have lost their lives and loved ones fighting an evil that exists with such force in this world. Leaving the Air Force and this bubble that has been our home for so long, I can only hope that we will be so loved and cared for out in the world, and that we will find other Americans to share our experiences with and spread them to the rest of the world.


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