Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Things I always look forward too

May has always been a month that I look forward too. It is my official start of summer. I love summer. 
It is my very favorite time of year. No School, BBQ's, the Beach, the Pool, sun until almost 9pm. I love Summer.
I knew that this May would be different, although I thought it wouldn't kick in for a couple more weeks. 
At about 130 in the morning last year I sent Brett off on a 4 month "deployment." If I had known now what I knew then I would have fought much harder to keep him around for just 12 more days. 

We had hoped that he would be able to come home for just a week after Callun was born. As most know now there were some that refused to make that happen. 

It is hard not to be mad at those people. I try every day but right now I would rather punch them in the face.  I won't ,but if God put a certain someone in front of me tomorrow, I can't say that I could be fully responsible for my actions.

I try not to be sad, cause it is not healthy for me to be so right now. 

I love summer and right now I just wish we could fast forward to the month of August.  I know it would not help the way that I feel right now and that I have to face what the next two months will bring, but today I just don't want to. 

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