Friday, January 4, 2013

Jammies and No Bra ......all day!

So I promised to write everyday...but some days just get away from me. Like yesterday. If you know my husband or family at ALL the Cairns' Bleed Purple.....Kansas State Purple that is. Yesterday was a sad day in this house. Finished off college football season with a loss. A horrible loss. To spare you all the flying words around this house last night, and the trash can full of beer cans, well needless to say I didn't write. 

So today, I got out of bed (way too early), threw on a sweatshirt brushed my teeth and called it a day. I decided to see the world about 10 when I finally put on my contacts. As I write this I am still sitting here in the same jammies I put on last night and the sweatshirt I threw on this morning. Guess what...It feels fantastic. When Brett Brett (aka the husband) got home from work he noticed that I was still in my jammies. He looked at me a little sideways and I replied with the very common....WHAT?! Did not feel like getting dressed today....He laughed a little and then went to change out of his uniform....wait for it....INTO HIS JAMMIES!  AHHHH great minds think a like.

I think we sort of had plans to do something tonight, but um well that isn't happening. Everything can wait until tomorrow....

Some days we just need a no bra stay in our jammies all day kind of day! Tomorrow I will be fancy. PROMISE!

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