Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some days just require Wine!

Today was neither here nor there. About the same as the last several that I have had and not written about. I am finally back on my meds and today I even got a shower!!!!  Ok so for anyone with out kids this is no big feat, but for me this is huge. This meant that while Carwyn was taking a nap I got a shower. For people like me (the unspeakable bereaved parent) nap time is usually a time of solace for most parents, but for me it is usually a time of panic. Yes is he "over that age" where I shouldn't worry, yes. I do anyways. Today my overwhelming NEED for a shower took over that fear. I grabbed his baby monitor (yes he is still in the same "room" as me) and braved the shower. I even shaved. To top it off my husband came home while I was drying my hair and doing my makeup and said "what are you getting all prettied up for?"....this ladies and gentlemen is what us old married folks live for.....He called me pretty. That means for the last 4 days I was the lady who didn't get to do her hair makeup and wore lots of glue (due to my awesome cub scouts)....Today I was pretty. So today when my house was too cold (yes I know it isn't cold in Vegas, but ya'll know I am a wuss) and I had no coffee (I have one cup to last until Monday) I opted for wine! Some days to feel like a grown up you just need to be called pretty and drink a glass of wine. While making dinner, that everyone ate (even has spinach that you can see in it) and taking care of homework, I sipped my wine. I am still sipping my wine and will probably call it an early night, but some times some day just require wine.