Thursday, January 3, 2013

So many times I have said I will start documenting the way I feel. Who I am. The me that no one gets to hear or see. I said I would start writing again every day. That I would read again everyday. Starting the New Year when I have time. Things may start off brief, with very limited time here, but eventually I plan to commit a few extra moments of everyday to my passion of writing. I feel like I am and have been neglecting a special part of my life, hell he is my life. I feel guilty everyday for not crying on the outside, for "functioning" on the level I do. Yet there are days many of them that this is so not the case. I am a wreck on the inside and that is where it stays. But I know there is an outlet and that outlet is here. Whether anyone sees it or not it is and always will be here. I am not looking for pity or the "you are strong and an awesome woman for going on" I just am looking for a place to get it all out of my head. I think that some days I will make you cry, others I will make you shake your head, and sometime even laugh. But this is just my life and my life it is and always will be.....Happy 2013 folks....You have been warned I will write.

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